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Experts in Circular Construction…

Experts in the area of circular construction

Circular construction is on the up-and-up and at APR Projects, we have certainly noticed this development. As an all-round circular construction company, we are in demand as experts in a different approach to building. Sustainably: without waste. We do not just build to order; we build for the future, conscious of the fact that we must use raw materials sparingly. As such, we are delighted that sustainable construction looks like it is becoming the norm.

From rubble to project

For us, circular construction begins with the preparation of the building site. Is the ground solid, or do we need more paving? If it is needed, we use the rubble from previous projects to create a nice working area. But we don’t stop there. If there are building materials stored on the site, we ask ourselves what we can do with them. For example, we can use shipping containers to create a kitchen. Working in this way demands a different way of thinking and from our experience with this kind of project, it has become second nature to try to re-use everything. We see opportunities everywhere to take materials and re-use them. This makes our work challenging.

A puzzle with lots of pieces.

We also take a circular approach to foundations. By recycling concrete, we can create a sustainable foundation that is basically exactly the same as a normal foundation. The same applies to the interior work for projects. For each part, we ask ourselves: what can we do to ensure that our ecological footprint is as small as possible? For example, we recycle entire glass facades, stairs, window frames and construction materials.

Revitalising special locations

Sometimes, no new construction is necessary. In this case, we opt to revitalise a project. For instance, an old factory can take on a brand new role. More and more contractors are seeing the advantages to this way of building. Sometimes, circular construction and revitalisation come together in the strangest ways. The Dutch urban planning journal “stedenbouw” has devoted an article to a special project we are working on.

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