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Circular Construction

The Dutch government wants to permit only circular construction projects by 2050. By 2030, half of all buildings must be delivered in accordance with circular construction principles. We thoroughly welcome this development, as circular construction is second nature to APR Projects. We work on more than just projects; we work on the future. Read all about our circular construction projects.

Small ecological footprint

At APR Projects, we believe it is important to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible. By re-using construction materials, we can avoid wasting valuable resources. This obliges architects to approach their plans with a different mindset. Luckily, it is generally an attractive and challenging prospect to view the construction process as a cycle.

Circular skills

At APR Projects we like to be involved in planning the building at the earliest possible stage. This way, we can work together to achieve the best possible circuit. No experience yet with circular construction? Great! We really enjoy explaining the principles to you and helping you to see how you can look at construction from a different angle.

You will find that you will acquire circular skills yourself and that you will become increasingly enthusiastic about it. That’s just the way we like it. And to be honest… we have to do this. Did you know that 60% of materials in the Netherlands are used either for construction or are fossil fuels? It is high time we started to re-use them.

Creativity in development

Once you have acquired a taste for circular and sustainable work, you look at construction projects in a different light. A building stops being devoted to a single client and instead becomes a module; easy to adapt to any kind of user. The possibilities are suddenly endless and that usually stimulates creativity. At APR Projects, we like putting together all the pieces in the sustainability puzzle.

Need some help in the area of circular construction?

We are a pioneer in this area and would love to help you.

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