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About APR Projects; the all-round circular construction company.

APR Projects is an all-round construction company, skilled in re-using existing buildings. We are experts in creating sustainable and circular-built buildings, and in creating brighter and more creative designs through this approach. We see opportunities in the re-use of resources and buildings.

We are also delighted that the Dutch central government has pledged that by 2030, half of all buildings must be constructed according to circular principles. APR Projects has had sustainability on its agenda for a long time now. We are one of the pioneers in the area of sustainable construction.

Circular versus linear construction

Circular construction requires quite a different approach to linear construction. We are not building just for the client; we also take into account the future users who will follow him. By (re)building as smartly and flexibly as possible, buildings become future-proof.

From concrete to outer structures

At APR, we know all about pile-driving, working with concrete, steel outer structures, fiberglass facades, steel inner structures, intermediate floors and stairs. Our job is to deliver a shell that is wind and watertight. During a building or rebuilding project, we re-use as many materials as possible. We also provide assistance in fitting out buildings.

Our major inspiration

If you think that Elon Musk is a genius of sustainability, then you need to learn more about our hero, Richard Buckminster Fuller. He was already working on sustainability when Musk himself was just a prototype. With his saying Integrity is the essence of everything successful, he is a leading example for all companies who respect and value ecology and sustainability. He is an example to all of us.

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