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Project description

August 7, 1948, the first race was held at Circuit Zandvoort; The Grand Prix of Zandvoort. The race was won by the Thai prince Bira in a Maserati 4CLT. 

The Zandvoort racing history lives on. Currently major work takes at Zandvoort circuit to improve the complete circuit to world level, this all as preparation for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix 1 (initial 3 May 2020). 

As APR Projects we are proud to have been able to transform the grandstand next to the start finish from decayed grandstand to an eye-catcher along the circuit. 

Unfortunately, because of the Covid-19, Formula 1 race in Zandvoort has been postponed to 2021, yet the grandstand of the Formula 1 circuit in Zandvoort may be seen again. The underside of the roof is fitted with an eye-catching printed cloth made of a technical textile fabric. Thanks to the new textile cloth and the print provided by Printable, the old underside of the roof is hidden from view and a great position has been created for a sponsor messaging. 

The rafters of the old roof have also been renovated by APR Projects, to bear against the extra forces on the rafters the roof has been provided with extra steel auxiliary construction next to this the rafters have been painted in the matching blue Levi9 logo shade afterwards. 

A specially produced coated cloth from manufacturer Sattler Pro-tex was chosen. The high-quality substrate was coated with a special varnish printing. Printable then applied the print and a protective PU lacquer layer. Thanks to this specialised production process, Circuit Zandvoort has a 10-year warranty on the printed fabric. 

The roof and its trusses have been high-quality lacquered by APR Projects this with Guarantee Exqua d’Or High-gloss lacquer. The grandstand roof is also provided with a new roof edging in the colours red, white, and blue referring to the Dutch flag, to give it a real Dutch tint. 

Looking for beautification
Just before Christmas 2019, Poly-Ned was approached by the architect who was renovating Circuit Zandvoort for the Formula 1 race in May 2020. The circuit management were focussed to revitalise the less attractive underside of the grandstand. This would appear frequently in the upcoming F1 race. Specifically, the question was whether Poly-Ned could give the underside of the stands a facelift before April. Off we were rising to this challenge.  

The capacity of Poly-Ned’s installation service was insufficient in the short term, which was why cooperation was set with their permanent partner APR Projects. APR professionals have worked with technical textile fabrics more often and APR has proven itself as a professional and pleasant partner. 

The design and quote process were put under pressure and in mid-January there was a plan and quote that the Circuit Zandvoort could say “yes” to.  

The roof lining is made in 11 section. This allowed the canvas to be fixed between the rafters of the Grandstand roof. The challenge in this work was to create the print patterns to achieve a seamlessly fitting image. The design was made in close collaboration with the advertising agency of Circuit Zandvoort. 

To obtain a tight and public-safe result, we have chosen to attach the canvases between the rafters with a so called Keder profile. The cloth is pulled into the profile with a keder cord. 

The result is a beautiful clear sky in the stands and the compliments of the customer who finds the result above expectations. That is why we do projects like these! 

About Poly-Ned 
Poly-Ned designs, produces, supplies, and assembles high-quality constructions of technical textile fabrics. For example, air domes, tensile structures and facades of buildings and air cushion roofs. Poly-Ned has been doing these works for 50 years with a driven group of professionals. Because all disciplines are available in-house, they can optimally combine functionality and aesthetics. Poly-Ned’s working area is worldwide.  

About Printable 
Printable is specialized in the printing and sustainable finishing of coated fabrics for demanding industries, such as the textile architecture sector, the transport sector, and the leisure sector. Thanks to a unique printing and coating process, Printable can provide an unparalleled 10-year warranty on its prints. Partly because of this, clients all over the world choose Printable’s expertise. 

About APR Projects 
APR Projects is an all-round circular construction company, which is specialized in new construction, rebuilding, and revitalization. APR Projects is an expert in the realization of sustainable and circular structures and, from that perspective, makes clear and creative concepts. 


Revitalisation Grandstand 


Circuit Park Zandvoort 


Zandvoort, The Netherlands 


Formula 1
Max Verstappen
Oval turns
Gravel zones 


Start 31.01.2020, realisation 03.04.2020 


Main contractor 


Total 63 days 


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